Frequently Asked Questions

All Illuminet products have 20 channels. If you do not want to synchronize your lights with your neighbor change the channel on the control box. If you wish to synchronize your lights with your neighbors choose the same channel.

NO, All Illuminet products are set to connect immediately out of the box.

NO, all Illuminet Products work with or without the mobile phone APP

By downloading the APP you can control all Illuminet products on your mobile device. The APP also provides a timer function so you can set the time your lights go on or off.

Search Illuminet in the Apple store or Google Play. Links are also available at the footer of this website.

Check the channel on the control box or on your app. In order to wirelessly connect Illuminet products must be set to the same channel.

Yes, all Illuminet light sets have traditional “end-connectors”. Check the box or instructions for the number of strings that can be connected.

When within 75ft there is no limit to the number of Illuminet products that can be wirelessly connected.

Only Illuminet products synchronize together.

Illuminet products do not require a password.

Yes, it is safe to use Illuminet products Indoor or Outdoor.

Call 1-800-3814 24 Hours / 7 Days a week.