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Congratulations on your purchase of this ILLUMINET™ Product.

ILLUMINET™ products wirelessly synchronize with other ILLUMINET™ light products so all your lights are working together.

Getting Started:

  1. Read all enclosed Safety Instructions and cord tags before starting.
  2. Plug your Illuminet light string(s) into a power source.

Using the Control-Box:

Illuminet lighting products can be assigned to one of 20 channels, so that different groups of lights can display different functions.


  • All ILLUMINET™ light strings are factory set to Channel 1.
  • In order to have all your lights wirelessly synchronize, ensure the same Channel is selected for all the control boxes. You can change the channel by pushing the “CHANNEL” buttons on the control-box. The channel selected will show on the LCD screen of the control-box.  Any control-box controls all light sets assigned to the same channel.
  • In order to have the lights to operate independently, select a different channel on the control boxes for each group of sets you want to control.
    • For example, your porch lights can be set to Warm White on Channel 1; net lights and yard decorations set to multi on Channel 2 and the inside tree changing color on Channel 3.
  • If you have a neighbor who also has ILLUMINET™ lights, you may need to change the channel on your lights to avoid interfering with each other’s lights.
  • You can also coordinate with your neighbors and have all the lights synchronized together!


Changing functions:

Illuminet Color Changing lights have 3 light functions and an Off function.

  • Steady Warm White
  • Steady Multi
  • Continuous Color Change
  • Off

Press the “Function” button on the control box in order to set your desired lighting function.

  • You can press any control box within range (75 feet) of your other Illuminet lights in order to control the lights wirelessly. Press the function button, all your Illuminet lights will change functions automatically – as long as they are on the same Channel.

Using the App:

Download the Illuminet app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play by searching for “Illuminet”.  

Use your smart phone or tablet to change lighting functions, assign channels and even set timers.

Go to the Itunes Store or Android and search “Illuminet”

  • Plug your lights into an outlet in order for the app to communicate to the lights
  • Refresh your screen by pulling down on the smart device
  • Select from the desired functions on the smart device in order to choose your function

To select Channel on smart device:

  • Press the “Channel” button in Bold
    • Select Move Strings in order to combine the lights on the same channel
    • Select the desired channel you would like to group the lights together
    • Once the channel is highlighted, select “DONE” at the bottom of the screen


To locate a light string within a group:

This feature will help you determine where the set is located in order to move to another group.

  • Press the on the top of the screen in order to select the light string.
    • The light set will quickly blink in order for you to locate the light string


To use Timer function:

  • Select the clock icon on the home screen
    • Choose the desired time for the lights to go on and off by tapping the clock. *note* in order for timer to operate you need to set the “on” time.
    • Once you select the time, hit “set time” at the bottom of the screen the Clock icon will now be highlighted in Yellow.

To turn Timer off:

Press the clock icon highlighted in yellow

Select timer off (clock icon will go black)

You can find answers to frequently asked questions and how-to-videos at  WWW.ILLUMINETLIGHTS.COM

If you have questions about operation of this product, please call us 24hrs / 7 days a week at 1-800-681-3814